Registrant Types

There are five (5) different registrant types for members to choose from - each connected to a different funding category:

  1. Provincial Committee Member or Member appointed to External Committee
  2. SDC Chairperson or alternate (Provincially funded)
  3. Local  DC Representative or alternate (Provincially funded)
  4. Lifetime Member (Unfunded)
  5. General Member (Locally Funded or Unfunded member - see below for additional information)


Provincial Funding Information

Limited Provincial Funding Available

DID YOU KNOW .....Membership Policy 039-M-2017 defines who will receive provincial funding to attend the Annual Meeting?

As per policy, only the following groups will receive provincial funding:

  • SUN Board of Directors.
  • Members appointed or elected to current standing SUN committees (as per Bylaw 6.01) or an external committee (Position Evaluation or SFL/CLC Committee)
  • SUN District Council (SDC) Chairs; and
  • SUN District Council (SDC) Representatives, as determined by your local.

Funding Categories

As per Membership Policy 039-M-2017, the following members shall receive provincial funding to attend the 2022 Annual Meeting:

  1. Board of Directors and Committee Members
    • Members elected to the SUN Board of Directors
    • Members elected to a current standing committee (as described under Bylaw 6.01)
      • Constitution, Bylaws, and Resolutions Committee
      • Finance Committee
      • Nominations Committee
      • Program Committee
    • Members appointed to the Position Evaluation Committee
    • Members appointed to a SFL/CLC Committee
  2. SDC Chairpersons (or alternate) 
    • As per Membership Policy 039-M-2017, funding shall be available for each elected SUN District Council (SDC) Chairperson, or alternate, to attend the Annual Meeting. Alternates must be approved by the SDC Chairperson.
  3. Local SDC Representative (or alternate) as determined by Local Executive. 
    • As per Membership Policy 039-M-2017, funding shall be available for one (1) SDC representative, or alternate, from each facility/agency to attend the Annual Meeting. Alternates must be approved by the Local Executive.

Funding for the above categories shall be limited to:

  • Salary
    • For a scheduled shift (paid Union leave), SUN Provincial will reimburse your Employer for one shift per day of the event you are attending.
    • If attending on a day off, SUN Provincial will pay your directly for up to 8 hours per day of attendance (a TD1 form on file is required).
  • Meals
    • Annual Meeting - Reimbursement for meals will be limited to a lunch per diem for each day attended (April 27, 28 & 29).
    • Fun Night - Reimbursement for a dinner per diem will be provided to those in attendance (April 27).

Youth Funding Available

As per Membership Policy 039-M-2017, Provincial funding is available for one youth representative from each SUN region. Funding will be assigned by random draw.
To be entered into the random draw, eligible members must register prior to 12:00 on April 6, 2022.

Click here for additional information and criteria for eligibility for Youth Funding.


Local/SDC Funding or Unfunded Members

Local/SDC Funding

  • SUN members not fitting into one of the above funding categories are encouraged to speak to the Local Executive or SDC Council Representative and/or SDC Chair as soon as possible to request funding to attend the Annual Meeting.
  • Each SUN Local is responsible for determining the applicable processes for communicating and awarding funding to members to participate in the Annual Meeting. Members must speak to their Local Executive for information regarding such processes and to seek the appropriate approvals.

Unfunded Members 

  • SUN members are welcome and encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting and Education Day as an unfunded member.
  • When registering, please select General Member as your registrant type.



If you have any questions regarding the funding available, please contact