Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s New At Annual Meeting?

  • Moving to a virtual platform feels like a drastic change; however, the list of changes is relatively short. 
    • Participate from the comfort of your own home.
      • No cold convention room with hard chairs.
      • Coffee or tea just the way you like it.
      • No additional travel time required.
      • Ability to sleep in your own bed.
    • Engage in the democratic process using a secure and anonymous electronic platform.
    • Connect with fellow SUN members in new ways.
      • SUN Provincial will not be able to support attendees in connecting one-on-one or in small local groups. Locals/members will need to make such arrangements on their own.

What Components of Annual Have Stayed The Same?

  • Funding opportunities for Board of Directors, elected Committees, and SUN District Council members.
  • Ability to speak to motions, amendments and/or resolutions.
  • Opportunity to listen and learn from educational and guest speakers.
  • Hear reports from key areas of the organization - President’s Address, financial report, committee reports.
  • Ability to engage in electoral process.
  • Opportunity to purchase new SUN swag from the SUN Shoppe (online).

Who Can Attend Annual Meeting?

  • Any current SUN member, in good standing, is encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting.

What Funding Am I Entitled To?

  • As per Membership Policy 039-M-2017, the following members shall receive provincial funding to attend the 2021 Annual Meeting:
    • SUN Board of Directors and current Committee Members
    • SUN District Council (SDC) Chairperson or approve alternate
    • SUN District Council (SDC) Representative or approved alternate
  • Members not fitting into one of the above categories are encouraged to speak to their Local executive or SDC Council regarding funding opportunities and processes in place.

Click here to review the funding parameters prior to registering.

How Do I Know If I Am Locally Funded?

  • Each SUN Local is responsible for determining the applicable processes for communicating and awarding funding to members to participate in the Annual Meeting. Members must speak to their Local Executive for information regarding such processes and to seek the appropriate approvals.
  • DO NOT REGISTER until you have received approval or direction from your Local Executive for funding.

How Do I Register?

  • SUN’s registration process is quick and easy - and available at your finger tips. Click here to access and complete the registration form.

Which Registration Type Do I Choose?

  • There are five (5) different registration types for members to choose from - each connected to a funding category:
    • Provincial Committee Member or Member appointed to External Committee
    • SDC Chairperson or alternate
    • SDC Representative or alternate
    • Lifetime Member
    • General Member - Locally Funded or Unfunded member

Can I Attend On My Own Time? (No funding provided)

  • Unfunded members are welcome and encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting. When registering, please select General Member as your registrant type.

If you have additional questions, please contact: