The theme of SUN’s 2022 Annual Meeting is No Matter What, in tribute to the spirit and grit of registered nurses. Saskatchewan’s healthcare system has been strained for many years and the arrival of COVID-19 only added further burdens to a struggling system. 

No Matter What speaks to the determination of registered nurses, who have borne the strain of the pandemic and have continued on, showing up and facing impossible realities. Registered nurses are an irreplaceable constant in our healthcare system who have sacrificed so much to care for so many. You are driven by the call to care, your dedication to your patients, and the belief in a better tomorrow.

At this Annual Meeting, we celebrate you, SUN members, and all that you do and all that you are, and reaffirm our commitment as your Union, No Matter What.

Registration  | Closes April 22

Registration for the 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting is Now OPEN!

Registration is open to all SUN members and includes access to all three days of the meeting, including the virtual Fun Night.

Funding to attend the Annual Meeting is determined by Membership Policy 039-M-2017. Please refer to the Registrant & Funding Information page for more details.

There is no registration fee for the virtual Annual Meeting.

April 27-29  |  Annual Meeting

To ensure members are able to have voice and engage in the democratic process, the Annual Meeting will be hosted on the Zoom platform, while voting on motions, resolutions, and elections will take place using the online voting service, Election Buddy.


Call to order is 9:00 am each day.

Virtual Meeting space will open at 8:00 am.



April 27 | Virtual Fun Night

Who doesn't love to laugh?

The 2022 Annual Meeting's virtual Fun Night promises to deliver giggles, snorts, deep belly chuckles and bring tears to your eyes from laughing along with two hilarious Canadian comedians.

Access to the Virtual Fun Night is included in your Annual  Meeting registration.