Bargaining Conference:

Mission Critical

January 17 & 18, 2024

Queensbury Convention Centre, Regina

The Bargaining Conference will take place on January 17 & 18, 2024, in the Grand Ballroom at the Queensbury Convention Centre in Regina.  This is an in-person event; no virtual option will be provided.

This Conference is a great opportunity for members to learn more about the negotiation process, understand the bargaining priorities set by the Board of Directors, and discuss the principles that will guide the discussions at the bargaining table.

The Bargaining Conference is free to attend and open to all current SUN members in good standing.

Call to order will be 0900 each day and lunch will be provided to all attendees.

Mission Critical Shirt for All Attendees

This round of bargaining is a crucial round for the Saskatchewan healthcare system and the patients we care for. If staffing levels do not improve, if retention and recruitment initiatives do not succeed - the system will flatline.

Saskatchewan's registered nurses will not stand-by and let that happen.

All registrants will receive a FREE Mission Critical shirt. 

NOTE: Shirts will be of unisex style and sizing only.