POWER Conference: Nursing In A Global Pandemic

The nursing profession is a collective force driven by compassion, dedication to quality, safe patient care, and legislative and ethical obligations. These characteristics transcend the walls of our workplace – they span beyond the borders of our province and our country and traits translate into every language in every country.

Nurses are respected and trusted on a global scale. This public trust and respect is hard fought for and earned by their collective strength and solidarity and powerful voice in advocating for positive change. Around the world, as we battle a global pandemic, the voice and struggles of nurses have been brought to the public’s attention once again, as nursing unions advocate for safer working conditions, improved staffing levels, and public safety measures to manage the spread of COVID-19.

In the Year of the Nurse, nurses are uniquely situated to strengthen ourselves and the communities we serve to turn the pandemic tide through enhanced leadership, influence and collective power, to shift healthcare systems for immediate and long-term benefit. On December 3, 2020, the POWER Conference will virtually bring together a panel of international nursing leaders from Australia, Ireland, the United States, and Canada to talk about the impact of the pandemic on their own union members, the hurdles they have faced, their role in advocating for change and the lessons they have learned since the global pandemic was declared.

International Speakers:
• Linda Silas-President-Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions.
• Judith Kiejda, Assistant General Secretary - New South Wales Nurses & Midwives Association.
• Phil Ni Sheaghdha, General Secretary - Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization.
• Jean Ross, Co-President - National Nurses United (USA).

Meet Our Host

Tracy Zambory

Saskatchewan Union of Nurses