Funding Information & Requirements

As per Membership Policy 026-M-2007 - Reimbursement for Educational Events, funding will be assigned based on the following criteria:


Available Funding

  • Funding for SUN Internal Education opportunities will be determined in the budget each year, taking into account the strategic goals for education in each of the targeted groups identified.
  • Provincially funded seats for the Local OH&S Representative Workshop are limited to 50 seats to be divided between the two (2) sessions.



  • Selection shall be by random draw.
  • To be eligible for the draw, members must be registered by the registration deadline identified.
    • Deadline to register for the Local OH&S Representative Workshop is May 4, 2022 @ 12:00
  • Only members who select "Requesting Provincial Funding" will be included in the draw.



  • Members attending education programs that have been approved in the budget shall be paid income continuance up to twelve (12) hours or receive eight (8) hours pay if attending program on a day off.
  • Reimbursement shall be for the actual day of the event.
  • For a scheduled shift (paid Union leave), SUN Provincial will reimburse your Employer for one shift per day of the event you are attending.
  • If attending on a day off, SUN Provincial will pay your directly for 8 hours per day of attendance.


Expenses Not Covered for Virtual Workshops

  • Due to the virtual format, only salary reimbursement will be provided by SUN Provincial. 
  • Other expense incurred will not be covered by provincial funding; this includes, but is not limited to:
    • Meals
    • Travel expense and/or kilometrage
    • Hotel accommodations
    • Internet/cellular service charges
    • Other miscellaneous expenses.


Reimbursement Process & Requirements

  • Expense claim forms will be completed utilizing our online form.
  • Access to the online expense claim form will be sent via email, no later than 2 business days after the workshop series has been completed.
    • Due to statutory holiday on May 23, funded members in attendance can expect access to their online form no later than May 24, 2022.
    • Please watch your inbox for the email; don't forget to check your spam and junk folders as well.
  • To be eligible for reimbursement, members must demonstrate they were in attendance for the workshop by signing into the appropriate session.
    • For Virtual Sessions - your First and Last name as well as your email address are required when logging into the platform.
  • All members selected for funding from SUN Provincial are required to complete the online expense claim form provided by SUN Provincial, regardless of whether they were attending on a paid Union Leave or on a day off.
  • Members may be asked to complete the required Federal and Provincial Personal Tax Credit forms  (TD1s) prior to their funding reimbursement being processed. Only members who have not been reimbursed by SUN Provincial in the past will be required to complete these forms.