Provincial Funding Information

The Power Conference has a total of 200 provincially funded seats to offer. To be eligible for funding, members must:

  1. Request funding no later than 12:00 on November 30, 2023
  2. Select "Requesting Provincial Funding" on the registration form
    • Note: all other registrant categories will not be included in the funding assignment

Funding will be assigned by random draw. The draw will be conducted on December 1, 2023; all applicants will be advised of the results of the draw.

Funding Parameters

As per Membership Policy 065-M-2023, due to the virtual presentation of this event, compensation will be limited to salary.

Members selected to receive provincial funding will receive the following:

  • Salary
    • For a scheduled shift (paid provincial union leave), SUN Provincial will reimburse your Employer for one shift per day of the event you are attending.
      • You will be paid by your employer as if you worked your shift.
    • If attending on a day off, SUN Provincial will pay you directly for 8 hours per day of attendance at the event.
    • NOTE: Federal and provincial Personal Tax Credit Forms (TD1 & TD1-SK), on file with SUN Provincial, are required. Event organizers will advise members if such forms are required.

Additional Funding Options

Locally Funded Members

  • Each SUN Local is responsible for determining the budget and applicable processes for communicating and awarding funding to members to participate in the event.
  • SUN Provincial is not involved in these processes or the awarding of local funding to members.
  • Members must speak to their Local Executive for information regarding such processes and to seek the appropriate approvals.
  • When registering, please select General Member as your registrant type.

Unfunded Members

  • SUN members are welcome and encouraged to attend the Meeting as an unfunded member.
  • When registering, please select General Member as your registrant type.


If you have any questions regarding funding , please contact